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In Memoriam

Farewell my dear friend

Please join with me as we reminisce, along with his legions of fans,
as we are all mourning the loss of the one and only Regis Philbin ...

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            May 28, 2004 | Live with Regis and Kelly
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            July 28, 2020 | Fox 13 Tampa Bay
The 'Love Chef' pays tribute to Regis Philbin
Approx Run Time: 4:40


Anchors Across America

This is our new section where we'll be featuring pictures of your favorite Love Chef as he travels across America spreading the word about good food, good nutrition, and good health while visiting local TV stations from coast to coast. Click Here.

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In it 'The Love Chef' talks about losing 30 lbs./15 points of bad cholesterol and all while eating his way through 22 Italian cities, 12 Australian/New Zealand cities, and over 75 American cities.


He gives you 150 great low-carb Italian recipes and his SECRETS!

The Love Chef - For Kids!

Our New Feature: Cooking with Love´┐Ż is something anyone can do, no matter how old (or young) you are!

This web site features recipes which were specifically designed with our Little Love Chefs in mind. Ingredients are simple and instructions are clear to ensure success!

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Follow 'The Love Chef's' schedule -- he may be appearing in your neighborhood! Click the Agenda tab for details.

Photo Album
Love Chef with trophy for best float 2017 Rose Bowl Parade
Love Chef with trophy for Best Float at the 2017 Rose Bowl Parade!

Here's where you'll find a selection of candid photographs of your favorite Love Chef, along with photographs submitted to us by our loyal fans. We'll be updating this area as more photos are received, so check back often. Click Here For Details...

For our new feature Anchors Across America,
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And to see photos of The Love Chef's recent trips to Iceland, Cuba, Southeast Asia, or exotic India,
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Photo Album

For a look at some of The Love Chef's videos, including his latest project on YouTube, Click Here...

Book Store

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Cooking With Love - The Love Chef Shows You How

Cooking With Love
The Love Chef Shows You How

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The quick and easy recipes included in this book comes from cooking for two -- to cocktail parties, advice on buffets, entertaining, all inclusive.

Cooking With Love Italian Style

-- A collection of lusty Italian Recipes and family reminiscences.

Although these Italian recipes are some of your favorites you've tasted in Italian restaurants, they are easy to prepare and ingredients are available wherever you live.

Cooking With Love Italian Style
Cooking Pasta With Love Cooking Pasta With Love

More than 200 recipes featuring pasta as the co-ingredient.

       Recipes like Spanish flavored spicy chicken, sweet and sour chicken, pasta with salmon, Szechuan peanut sauce pasta -- and even cookie cutter pasta for kids -- a must in your collection.

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Food of the Week

This is the place to find 'The Love Chef's' featured recipes of the week.

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