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Here's where you'll find a selection of video files showcasing your favorite Love Chef, recorded during his many live television appearances. We'll be updating this area as more videos are recorded, so check back often.

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      CBS 10 Tampa Bay - The Love Chef, aka Francis Anthony, was cooking up some Italian dishes in the Great Day Live Kitchen from his newest Low-Carb Italian Cooking cookbook.

Approx Run Time 6:51

      FOX 13 Tampa Bay - Instead of eating out on Valentine's Day, here's a steak recipe with
brandy mushroom sauce that will surely savor those taste buds and impress your date,
courtesy of The Love Chef's visit to the Good Day Tampa Bay studios.

Approx Run Time 3:54

      CBS 10 NEWS - Why battle the crowds at a restaurant when you can cook a nice dinner at home on Valentine's Day? The Love Chef visited the Great Day Live kitchen
to give us an easy recipe to make at home.

Approx Run Time 4:58

      CBS 10 NEWS - Our latest video shows The Love Chef in the St. Petersburg, Florida studios of
Great Day Live, this time cooking up Scottish Bubbles and Squeak Patties (yes, you read that right).

Approx Run Time 4:20

      FOX 13 NEWS - Recently returned from his amazing trip overseas, our latest video shows
The Love Chef in the Good Day Tampa Bay kitchen once again,
this time cooking up Icelandic cod with rye crumb dressing.

Approx Run Time 5:15

      TAMPA (FOX 13) - Sometimes, the best things are homemade, that includes food.
For Mother's Day, the Love Chef stopped by Good Day Tampa Bay
to offer up one pasta recipe that moms will love.
Approx Run Time 3:18

      Latest Love Chef project...

      Grandpa's Geelicious Garage aims to make nutrition fun for kids!
Created by Davida Rothberg, Francis Anthony and Gene Smith
Approx Run Time 2:34

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      April 23, 2004 | CNN Headline News
Approx. Run Time: 3:48 | Approx. File Size: 6.2 MB

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            May 28, 2004 | Live with Regis and Kelly
Approx Run Time: 5:10 | Approx. File Size: 8.4 MB

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            The Love Chef Montage            
Approx Run Time: 3:29 | Approx. File Size: 7.9 MB


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