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Here's where you'll find a selection of candid photographs of your favorite Love Chef, along with photographs submitted to us by our loyal fans. We'll be updating this area as more photos are received, so check back often. You never know, you might wind up here yourself one day!

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Photos sent via postal mail or e-mail will not be returned. Photos must include your/your child's name, age, city and state. Photos which are sent to The Love Chef will become property of The Love Chef and may be used for promotional purposes. Compensation will not be provided for use of the photos or any likeness of you/your child. By sending your/your child's photo, you agree to these terms.

Photographs can be sent to The Love Chef as follows:


-- or --

snail mail:
The Love Chef
350 Fifth Avenue
Suite 5900A
New York, NY 10118

�The Love Chef� (Francis Anthony) is the author of several cookbooks and appears on local and national TV. You can find his cookbooks at and/or visit his website �Cooking With Love� and �The Love Chef� are registered trademarks.


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