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Restaurant Name: FINO'S WEST
How Many Hearts?:
Address: 1 Wall Street Court (off of Wall Street)
@ Pearl and Beaver Streets
New York, New York
Phone Number: (212) 825-1924
Type of Food: Italian
Hours: Lunch 5 days
Dinner 6 nights (Closed Sundays)
Dress: Adult
Price Range: $16-$25 average entrees
Reservations: Suggested
Description of Restaurant:

If this restaurant name sounds familiar (see FINO review) it is because it is the Wall Street sister restaurant of the uptown branch that got your 'Love Chef' turned on -- and your host who made it happen uptown -- Pietro Vuli -- is making it happen here night after night. He personally greets you when you enter this magnificent space.

Hospitality here is from the old school, and like the traders and bankers who frequent the comfortable spacious quarters, many downtown tourists have accidentally found this gem.

FINO'S WEST also has great party space, but the food is the reason to spend some quality time at one of my favorite places.

The Food

Start off your meal with a seasonal selection of cold hors d'oeuvre -- Antipasto Proventiale @ $10.00.

There are probably special appetizers the chef made tonight.

Pasta dishes are stupendous -- 

My favorite ... Papardelle Fino -- wide noodles with a mix of fun variety mushrooms, garlic, herbs and essence of truffles @ $16.00 the plate. This dish will be in your dreams.

Ravioli Astaco -- Ravioli stuffed with lobster in a subtle herb/tomato sauce @ $16.00 the plate.

Capelini Fruiti Di Mare -- Angel hair pasta in a superb seafood sauce @ $17.00 the plate.

Main Course:

Salmone Fino -- The freshest salmon served with leeks and in a mustard champagne sauce @ $21.00 the plate.

Dentice Livornese -- In the style of Livorno -- Red Snapper prepared in capers, olives, anchovy, tomato and garlic @ $26.00 the plate. OK, I have friends who dream about this dish.

Casteletta Di Vitello Quattro Sapori -- Magnificent veal chop stuffed with four cheeses in a lemony velvet wine sauce

One of your 'Love Chef's' specialties:

Pollo Inferno -- Chicken breast with a spicy infusion of peppers, Port Balsamico, and spices @ $16.00 the plate.

And for the meat lover in you:

Bison Tenderloin with bacon and red zinfandel sauce atop potato hash @ $29.00 the plate.


Sure, take a look at the temptation cart.


This is a restaurant that was open a month before 9/11 and the rest of the story is history.

The restaurateur's dream was to build an elegant space with a sweeping lounge and two tier dining level with private party space and great Italian food. And now the neighborhood is buzzing and FINO'S WEST is a true hero.

Whether you are a visitor who may be visiting one of our national monuments on a ferry or seaport or on foot, FINO'S WEST is conveniently located. Also, many fine hotels close by.

Enjoy and give my regards!          'The Love Chef'

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