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Restaurant Name: TULIO
How Many Hearts?:
Address: 1100 Fifth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone Number: (206) 624-5500
Type of Food: Italian Cuisine with Northwest influence
Hours: Sunday/Thursday until 10 p.m.
Friday/Saturday until 11 p.m.
Dress: Proper dress
Price Range: Entrees $14.95 - $21.95 @ dinner
Reservations: Suggested
Description of Restaurant:

Step through the door and you have the feeling that you have come to the right place is apparent.

It's swanky, it's upbeat and it's for real.  Antique mirrors, terra-cotta walls, Italian ceramics, and you feel this is YOUR neighborhood restaurant to enjoy, with the bustle of the bar and the roar of the crowd.  It's fun, it's alive, and it's Italian.

An upstairs dining room can accommodate a private party of 60, while the downstairs space boasts of an old world plaster molded ceiling with hand painted light fixtures.

Now get cozy as you sip your second martini, because you're about to be fed the food that pleases your soul -- Italian for the millennium.

The Food


In addition to some of the usual, try the:

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sage Butter, Mascarpone, delicious @ $6.75.

Wood Roasted Asparagus wrapped with Proscuitto, glazed with Parmesan Butter @ $7.50.

Main Couse:

Your first course ...

Go for the Risotto with Sea Scallops, Leeks, and a Basil, Orange, Saffron Butter flavor @ $13.50.

Or a steaming bowl of Linguine adorned with Mussels, Garlic, Hot Pepper and preserved Lemon @ $10.95.

On To The Second ...

Pork aficionados will stand up and cheer when they taste Tulio's Roast Loin Pork accompanied by Fennel Gratin and Wine Sauce @ $17.50.

Another 'Love Chef' favorite is the Washington Lamb Sirloin with Roasted Veges/Balsamic Glaze @ $21.95.

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