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How Many Hearts?:
Address: 92 Madison Street
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone Number: (206) 624-3646
Type of Food: Contemporary American
Hours: Seven days — Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner (except Sunday evening)
Dress: Adult
Price Range: $9.00 - $32.00 dinner
Reservations: Suggested
Description of Restaurant:

When you enter the Library Bistro, whispering is not required.

This 'redu' of space, formerly "The Painted Table", is a charming book-filled room that is cozy, warm and inviting. The classic cocktails served at its Bookstore Bar is the first chapter of a delicious evening.

The Food


Penn Cove Oysters @ $2.00 each served up with a lemon-horseradish granita.

Slow braised Pork & Beans @ $6.00.

American Cheese Selection served with fruit and toasted pumpkin bread @ $10.00.

Big Cobb Salad loaded @ $9.00.

Dungeness Crab Salad $13.00.

Main Dish:

Coriander Braised Short Ribs with sweet potato hash @ $19.00/plate.

Dungeness Crab Fettucine with lemon basil cream @ $12.00.

Bourbon Cured Pork Chop with pumpkin chutney @ $18.00.

16 oz. Cowboy Steak $32.00 served with mash potatoes/green beans.

* for 2 — Bistro Barbecue Ribs and a bucket of beer @ $22.00.

* for 2 — Roasted Dungeness Crab Legs with lemon butter and garlic bread @ $32.00.

Classsic cocktails and wine from the Northwest are enjoyed at the Bookstore Bar for the beginning or end of a perfect evening, or nibble on a grand dessert like your mother used to make, but all grown-up.

Guys and Girls, the Library Bistro is a must destination in beautiful Seattle, and if you live here all the more reason to rush in. It is a 'Love Chef' favorite!

And remember, whispering is NOT required.

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