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How Many Hearts?:
Address: 200 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone Number: (215) 625-4566
Hours: Mon-Fri – Lunch/Dinner until 11:30 PM
Sat-Sun – Brunch/Food until 11:00 PM
Dress: Adult
Reservations: Not necessary
Description of Restaurant:

Gosh, in all my travels to Philly I’ve seen restaurants spring up and reinvent their space (inherited space), however, Revolution House took over two diners that sat on the corner forever and did a major transformation. Now the roof serves as a “Beer Garden” in clement weather and the casual downstairs is great any time for a bite.

Some sample items:


Lasagna Cupcake – yes, one pasta cupcake topped with ricotta icing and marinara sauce @ $7 each.

Bird’s Nest – whole roasted ones stuffed with duck ragu, ricotta cheese, melted American cheese on fried zucchini and potatoes @ $8 the plate.

Pizzas are baked in a wood-fired brick oven and priced @ $10-$16, depending on topping.


Range from the $9 burger to a Thai smoked ˝ chicken served with soy-ginger jasmine rice @ $16.

There are several wines by the glass, various rotating craft beers and, of course, a FULL BAR.

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