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Restaurant Name: NEW CORNER
How Many Hearts?:
Address: 7201 8th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York  11228
Phone Number: (718) 833-0800
Type of Food: Italian
Hours: 7 days (lunch and dinner)
Dress: Adult
Description of Restaurant:

This Brooklyn landmark restaurant since 1932 is now third generation family run.

Home to many parties and hungry eaters, who travel 'back', if they left their Brooklyn neighborhoods to New Corner is that comfortable restaurant serving honest, delicious and reasonable Italian food to families from near and far.

Enter the restaurant in the bar/lounge area serving old fashioned to new vogue cocktails, and whiskey and beer with Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett on the Juke Box.

You'll be welcomed by one of the family members into one of the dinning rooms (regulars have their favorite).

The Menu

Large and extensive from pasta entrees from $8.50 to Linguine Marechiare (shrimp, clams and mussels) $15.50.
Pesci (Fish) - Some Selections:
Salmon Alla Vodka with Fettuccini @ $17.75 per plate.

Great combo of Fillet of Sole and Shrimp Oreganata with Linguine @ $16.75 per plate.

. . . many, many more.
Polo (Chicken) - Some Selections:
Chicken Oreganata @ $13.75 per plate. Served with potato croquette and veges (as many dishes).

Chicken Carnevale @ $15.95 per plate. Boneless breast sautéed and topped with zucchini, asparagus and mozzarella served with spinach.
Grigliate (Grill) - Some Selections:

Veal Chops @ $20.05 per plate

Spiedini alla Siciliana @ $15.25 per plate and other popular cuts.

Italian Specialties - Some Selections:

Veal Brociola with Spaghetti @ $14.00 per plate

Veal Scaloppini Francese @ $14.50 per plate

Pork Chops with Vinegar Peppers @ $17.25 per plate

Chicken alla Vincenzo @ $14.25 per plate

Veal and Chicken Fiorentino @ $15.25 per plate. Sauteed in wine, topped with prosciutto, eggplant and mozzarella.


Hey, this is a Brooklyn Italian Restaurant where there are more Italian bakeries than in most states combined. So, yes, pastries are worth the calories, and have some GREAT ESPRESSO!!

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