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Restaurant Name: THE FOUR SEASONS
How Many Hearts?:
Address: 99 East 52 St.
New York, NY 10152
Phone Number: 212-754-9494
Hours: M-F Lunch: 12-2

M-S Dinner: 5-9:30

(Closed Sundays)
Reservations: A MUST
Dress: Jacket & tie for men
Description of Restaurant:
NOTE FROM THE LOVE CHEF - Yes, it's true, the beloved Four Seasons restaurant has closed - but only temporarily! They will be back in their new location, and will be even better than before. Stay tuned for further details.
They say some things just get better with age — well since they begin in 1959, the Quintessential Restaurant of Restaurants, the Holy Grail if you will — “The Four Seasons” has managed to keep its grace, edge and superiority amongst all the competition who have come and gone.

The restaurant introduced the seasonal menu. Entering the Restaurant, you’re greeted by enthusiastic staff ready to serve you Royally.

— The Bar Lounge area is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the scene, and yes on this visit that is the Talk Show Diva, and yes @ Table 4 is the Guy you’ve just seen on stage at The Theatre last evening. This room is always filled with movers and shakers – you can feel the energy.

I’ve been here with sooo many Culinary Luminaries over the years! The Food is always spectacular and for the first time Boy’s and Girls. I am NOT going to go over menu items, because when you dine there it will be Over the Top not just “razz-a-mataz”. This is not only a destination Restaurant, but plan a Trip to N.Y.C. just to enjoy this “life experience”!

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