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Restaurant Name: DOMINICKS
How Many Hearts?:
Address: (2 locations)
1370 Burnet Avenue
Syracuse, New York 13206
Phone Number: (315) 471-4262
Type of Food: Italian
Hours: 7 Days
Reservations: If Desired
Description of Restaurant:

When I first went to DOMINICKS at some local's urging, I sat at the bar (Burnet Avenue location) and, while enjoying a drink, I ordered, at some patron's insistence, DOMINICKS "World Famous Tomato Pie". Well, I've tasted the best throughout the world, but I must say that this Tomato Pie is addictive and one of the best pizzas (outside of Naples) that your 'Love Chef' has tasted.

This attractive restaurant serves up large portions at affordable prices, in this renovated location with a large lounge, and fireplace dining room.

In addition to brick oven pizzas, DOMINICKS is noted for great pasta, seafood and steaks. Great in-house baking with some delicious Italian pastry selections to take home.

This is a MUST visit while in the Syracuse area.

In addition to some fabulous pizza, this affordable menu has something for every palette.

The Food

Some Dinner Entrees:
Scallop Special - Sautéed Sea Scallops, Broccoli & Mushrooms in Butter & Garlic Sauce over Linguini with Dinner Salad @ $11.95, also available with Marinara Sauce.
Golden fried or broiled haddock @ $8.95

Broiled Haddock a la marinara @ $9.95

Broiled Seafood Platter - lobster tail, sea scallops, fresh haddock @ $14.95

Baked stuffed Boston bluefish with homemade crabmeat stuffing @ $9.95

Broiled sea scallops with homemade crabmeat stuffing @ $12.95

Deep fried clam strips @ $7.95

Alaskan king crab legs @ $22.95

16 ozs. Lobster tail (approximate weight) @ $22.95
Cajun Style (Hot & Spicy):

"Blackened Blue Fish" @ $9.95

Surf 'n Turf:

Choice New York strip steak (approximately 12 ozs.) & 2 small lobster tails @ $18.95

House Special:

Choice New York strip steak (approximately 12 ozs.) & broiled scallops @ $15.95

Steaks, Chops & Ribs:

Choice Porterhouse "King of Steaks" (approx. 18. ozs.) @ $14.95

Choice New York strip steak (approx. 16 ozs.) with buttered mushrooms @ $15.95

Open Steak Sandwich:

Choice New York strip steak (approx. 12 ozs.) served with dinner salad, fresh fries & onion rings @ $10.95

Prime Rib - Saturday Only:

Prime Rib of Beef au jus @ $12.95

Dominick's "King Cut" @ $17.96

Prime Rib Combos:

Prime Rib & 16 ozs lobster tail @ $31.95

Prime Rib & 2 small lobster tails @ $20.95

Prime Rib & broiled scallops @ $18.95

Prime Rib & golden fried shrimp @ $18.95


Choice of spaghetti, shells, rigatoni, linguini, angel hair or ziti with choice of meatballs, sausage, mushrooms or peppers @ $7.95

Homemade stuffed peppers with linguini @ $9.95

Homemade bracciole - tender rolled steak stuffed with Romano cheese, hard boiled eggs, bread crumbs & spices with spaghetti @ $10.95

Fettuccini Alfredo & Chef Salad @ $8.95

Italian Platter: Baked lasagna, ravioli, rigatoni, meatballs, Sausage, dinner salad, bread & butter. Choice of homemade Tortoni or Ice Cream @ $9.95

Veal & Chicken:

Tender veal cacciatore @ $10.95

Breaded veal parmigiana @ $10.95

Tender veal Francaise @ 11.95

Fresh chicken Francaise @ $11.95

Boneless chicken cacciatore @ $10.95

Chicken marsala @ $11.95

You've already passed the huge take-home baked goods (Italian and American specialties) and eyed the fluffy pies and cakes. The Neapolitan Sfogliatelle, a 'Love Chef' favorite, comes close to some I've tasted in Naples. Yes, they are worth the calories. Top off with one of Dominick's specialty coffees.

Go hungry (take the leftovers home).

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