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Restaurant Name: CHRIS’ NY SANDWICH CO.
How Many Hearts?:
Address: 395 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, New York
Phone Number: (716) 854-6642
Hours: Open for lunch only
Description of Restaurant:
After an appearance on “A.M. Buffalo” ABC 7 I needed my “TUNA FIX”, I discovered what the locals have known since 1990, great food by people who care.

Beside the selection of oversized breads and, can you imagine, rye seeded or not, the ingredients are top notch!!!

The 8oz. Black Angus Burger and the 9oz. Chicken Sausage Burger are all winners.

Salads are creative and large, all made with fresh fresh ingredients.

The few desserts are well made and a nicer fit, and, hold your hat, fresh brewed iced tea!

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