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Restaurant Name: ATWOOD CAFE
How Many Hearts?:
Address: One West Washington Street
Chicago, IL
Phone Number: (312) 368-1900
Type of Food: Classic American Dishes
Hours: 7 days dinner and lunch (brunch on Sundays)
Dress: Adult
Price Range: Main dish/dinner $14.50-$24.00 average
Reservations: Recommended
Description of Restaurant:

Housed in a true historic building -- the Reliance Building -- the interior of the restaurant is contemporary with 18 ft. ceilings and lush appointments. European china sits on tables surrounded by blue velvet sofas and cream velvet chairs.

The handsome mahogany art deco bar sits below an enormous mirror for a full view of dining room activities.

The feeling is vibrant, sophisticated yet fun --

Now the food.

The Food


I wanted to eat this as my main course again and again -- a Roast Duck and Manchengo Cheese Quesadilla with Anchovy Chili Salsa @ $9.00.

Aki Tuna and Salmon Tartar with Asian slaw and wasabi vinaigrette @ $12.00.

Maple grilled Shrimp with wilted spinach and warm bacon vinaigrette @ $12.00.

Roasted Beef Salad with Bibb lettuce and pistachio crusted goat cheese @ $11.00.

Main Courses:

Atwood's Bowl of Mussels with a fragrant broth of tomato and garlic @ $16.50 -- reminded me of a trip last year to the "mussel city" of Antwerp, Belgium.

. . . my favorite:

Grilled Loin Pork Chop stuffed with Maytag blue cheese, sweet potato mash, grilled onion @ $23.00 -- worth every calorie!! I would go to Chicago tomorrow just for this dish, plus I am supposed to get together with Oprah on my next visit.

Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon with pancetta, white bean and asparagus salad and chive vinaigrette @ $21.00.

Pasta lovers rejoice with capellini/fresh tomato, garlic basil and mozzarella @ $14.00.

And, of course, each day is the Atwood Pot Pie Special of the day.

Yes, yes, make room for desserts.

Triple citrus cheese cake with blood orange coulis and candied orange peel; or

Roasted banana white chocolate/bread pudding with banana caramel.

Toasted coconut cream tartlet with warm chocolate sauce.

Dark Chocolate soufflé cake with malted milk ball ice cream and fudge sauce.

All priced @ $7.00 to name a few, plus yes, ice creams and sorbets @ $6.00.

Full Bar with wine and specialty drinks, and several good wines by the glass.

ATWOOD CAFE is definitely a stop on your Chicago tour, or if you live there, then run!

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