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Restaurant Name: PITTYPAT’S PORCH
How Many Hearts?:  

25 International Boulevard
Atlanta, Georgia

Phone Number: (404) 525-8228
Type of Food: Southern
Hours: 7 days
Dress: Adult
Reservations: Suggested
Price Range: From Sideboard only $12.00
Entrees up to $26.95
Description of Restaurant:

Darling front porch atmosphere with white rocking chairs around the bar; Southern plantation nostalgia abounds throughout, including Southern hospitality.

Downstairs is a large dinning area with well spaced tables.

So, with the Gone With The Wind ambience and a large Mint Julep (which is quite serious here), the story goes that when Scarlett visited Atlanta she always stayed with Aunt Pittypat (hence the restaurant name PITTYPAT'S PORCH), and it's said that Aunt Pittypat served up her best recipes to Ms. Scarlett, and so the tradition continues.

From Specialty Drinks Moonshiner's Punch to their version of a Strawberry Daiquiri, Scarlett's Passion and, if you want a real Mint Julep, this is the place to get it!

The Food


Shrimp Charleston. Jumbo Shrimp marinated in zesty lemon, lime and fresh herb seasonings. This is Aunt Pittypat's version of the shrimp cocktail @ $8.00.

South Georgia Gumbo. Fresh seafood, sausage and vegetables, simmering to a rich savory broth. You bet it's hot and spicy, just like Belle Watling @ $5.50.

Lightly Fried Marinated Chicken Wings. Served with two sauces - peach saba and remoulade sauce @ $5.50.

Blackeyed Pea Cakes. Even Yankees like these crispy, pan fried cakes served with a special "Southern Salsa" made with fresh tomatoes, onions and peaches @ $5.25.

Hot Crab Dip With Lavosh Crackers. Fresh lump crabmeat and artichokes baked New South style in individual casseroles with melted Parmesan cheese. Ashley would have loved it! @ $7.95.

Pecan Coated Catfish Fingers. Farm raised Southern catfish, breaded with pecans, lightly fried and ready to dip into Pittypat's tasty remoulade sauce @ $5.95.

(Children Under 10) Choice of Beef, Chicken or Fish @ $7.95.


All entrees are served with Pittypat's Sideboard: Muffins, Biscuits, Cornbread,
Traditional Southern Vegetables.
Side Board Only $12.00.

Coastal Fresh Fish. Thick filets of the fresh catch of the day. Cooked in the way you like it . . . grilled, pan fried, blackened. Served with Southern rice pilaf @ $25.95.

Savannah Crabcakes. Fresh lump crabmeat cakes placed on a roasted pepper and tomato sauce and served with "Calloway Gandra's" speckled heart grits, laced with cheese and pecans @ $25.95.

Aunt Pittypat's Filet. Beef tenderloin wrapped in country bacon, and grilled to order. Served with the best mashed potatoes in the South @ $26.95.

Rhett's MixedGrill. A combination of grilled filets of beef, pork and chicken served on a bed of Southern rice pilaf and tasty zinfandel sauce @ $22.95.

Aunt Pittypat's Fried Chicken. Three pieces of the best damn Southern fried bird. Served with home made mashed 'taters @ $17.95.

Pork Tenderloin With Curried Peanut Sauce. Grilled pork tenderloin served on a bed of sweet potato and apple puree, and topped with a curried peanut sauce and fresh peanuts @ $23.95.

Southern Salmon Filet. Our Chef's Special with a new Southern twist. Served on a bed of black bean jambalaya with fried green tomatoes and onion rings @ $25.95.

Georgia Raised Venison. Brandy marinated medallions, served with burgundy cranberry sauce, topped with fresh seasonal vegetables @ $25.95.

Twelve Oaks BBQ Ribs. A full sack of tender babyback ribs darkened with Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. Yankees never made ribs this good. $19.95.

Rhett's Chicken Breast. Marinated and grilled with a mild vegetable curry sauce, raisins, coconut and almonds, served over wild rice @ $19.95.

Beef Tenderloin On A Spit. Served on a bed of rice, topped with vegetables, sour cream and mushroom sauce @ $22.95.


Yes, worth the calories.

Aunt Pittypat's desserts are made right there in the restaurant bakery from
traditional Southern recipes. $6.50.

Pittypat's Pie. Our famous blackbottom pie! A chocolate wafer crust, layered with rum and chocolate custard, vanilla whipped cream, and topped with shaved chocolate.

Classic Pecan Pie. The South's most famous desert - Caramel, pecans, and just a hint of Southern Comfort. Aunt Pittypat suggests you order this hot and "a la mode".

Georgia Peach Cobbler. A classic Southern recipe. Peach Cobbler served bubbly hot and topped with cinnamon ice cream (made right there in Atlanta).

Bourbon Street Bread Pudding. Hot baked bread and raisins with our delicious bourbon custard sauce. If you've never had bread pudding . . . this is the real thing!

Key Lime Pie. Tart and refreshing with real specks of fresh key limes throughout.

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