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Restaurant Name: PANERA BREAD
How Many Hearts?:
Address: 2928 W. Bay Drive
Belleaire Bluffs, FL 33770
Phone Number: (727) 518-8900

Hours: Monday to Saturday 6:30 A.M.-9 P.M.
Sunday 7 A.M.-8 P.M.
Reservations: None accepted
Credit Cards : Major
Description of Restaurant:

OK with your Tall and Hot Coffees and Panera’s breakfast power sandwich @ $3.29 all natural eggs, freshly cracked every morning, a big slice of Vermont Cheddar and smoked lean ham grilled between two slices of Panera’s freshly whole grain bread. Or the APPLE CRUNCH MUFFIN @ $1.89, a sweet muffin filled with chunks of apple and cinnamon. Alternatively, you can try the other fine baked goods, grab a sandwich, a fresh salad combo or a satisfying soup; all in this free WIFI space (great for snow birds to check e-mails).

When you arrive in the afternoon our Bluffs location usually has some kind of taste samples, which I nibble on and usually buy one of them. Many great baked items (in addition to bread).

Try the new CUBAN PANINI sandwich @ $6.59 with chips or apple. Good combination of flavors. All natural chicken, smoked lean ham, pickles, Swiss, chipotle mayo on focaccia.

The ASIAN CHICKEN SALAD @ $6.99 must have had in every city where there’s a Panera Bread (but it seems to taste better here). The sea air?

Their CAESAR SALAD @ $5.59 is always crisp, with great dressing and with a hunk of bread I am a happy camper.

There is an outside seating, but you’re literally in the parking area, anyway you can people watch and enjoy your coffee and some great Danish!

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