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(in Gaylord Palms Resort)
How Many Hearts?:
Address: 6000 W. Osceola Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34746
Phone Number: (407) 586-0000

Dress: Adult. Enjoy this wonderful experience; put on your best!!
Reservations: Suggested
Description of Restaurant:

Ladies and gentlemen: Drive, fly, sail, walk but get to this gem of a restaurant. As you can see from my rating, this is the most “extraordinary”.

The Gaylord Palms Resort (see the Hotel/Resorts listing) is a destination in itself. This flagship restaurant is usually heavily booked for dinner due to the in-house clientele, so making a reservation to enjoy this dining extravaganza is strongly suggested. Your Love Chef was, and is, soo impressed it is difficult to choose where to begin.

FIRST, have a classic cocktail superbly mixed in their lounge area. Drink in the ambience of a tranquil setting/leisurely peruse the menu – get ready for a great memory that will stay with you to relish for years. Remember, this is a dining experience, so plan time to enjoy. My last experience was a three and a half hour plus delight.

Although steak is king here the entire menu is prepared and served with the same panache. Okay, nice and easy – start with the Crispy Oysters with a classic remoulade and tobiko caviar @ $15 the plate and enjoy a glass of Prosecco. The Trio Tower – Crab Cakes/Crispy Oysters and Shrimp Cocktail @ $55 the plate.

Order whatever soup is special on tonight’s menu, then relax; sip your wine and study the steaks and chops on the menu – ask questions of your waiter, all answers are usually very educated.

I savored the Veal Chop @ $54 the plate, it was mesmeric – I dream about it once a week.

The 24 oz. Porterhouse will leave you in tears of pleasure; take your time, enjoy every morsel – it’s all worth it!!! Sip your wine, they have some great selections (glass or bottle). And, yes, all fish served is as great as any meat entree. Relax and sip. . .

The sides of Artisan Mac and Cheese!! Yes, yes, you need to taste @ $10 the plate (add Lobster) $13 the plate.

Belgium Fried Potatoes are over the top, but they won’t make the steaks taste better than they are.

Now for the Cheese Course time. You must have this wonderful artisinal assortment – take slow nibbles, sip and enjoy. These handcrafted perfectly ripened cheeses are meant to be relished with every bite. Selections of 3 @ $18 the plate – Selections of 6 @ $28 the plate.

Relax, sip your wine, its Soufflé time, the ultimate dessert meritorious of this perfect meal. A rich cup of coffee and a glass to Champagne or Cognac and you have capped this magnificent meal – a lasting memory – you will feel like my PRINCIPESSA and I; when can I repeat this??

Boys and girls, this is IT!!

“The Love Chef” (Francis Anthony) is the author of several cookbooks and appears on local and national TV. You can find his cookbooks at and/or visit his website “Cooking With Love” and “The Love Chef” are registered trademarks.


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