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Restaurant Name: BALLY HOO GRILL
How Many Hearts?:
Address: 7604 Ehrlich Road
Tampa, FL

Also others located in Tarpon Springs, N.Redington Beach, and Gainesville

Phone Number: (813) 926-2149
Type of Food: American
Dress: Casual
Price Range: Inexpensive
Description of Restaurant:

A casual, creative, fun atmosphere.

Following a personal appearance at noon and an evening Celebrity Guest Class @ Publixs' Citrus Park Store/Apron Cooking Class it was 9 P.M. and time to chill and relax, which brought me to this inviting restaurant in Tampa.

After smoking a short cigar and swallowing a couple of martinis, it was time for some food.

The Food


Mussels Diablo -- a spicy garlic red sauce simmers these Prince Edward mussels @ $7.95

Smoked Fish Spread is a delicious blend of in-house smoked gulf fish (great cocktail food on crackers) @ $4.95

Plus the cast of usuals

A decent Gumbo @ $1.95 per cup and Black Bean @ $1.95 per cup are worth mentioning.

Most served with a salad and one side dish.

Cedar Plank Salmon (a 'Love Chef' favorite) @ $14.95 -- Ocean salmon grilled on cedar wood for a delicious flavor.

Bimini Stuffed Grouper -- Florida Grouper @ $15.95.

Stuffed crab, scallops, shrimp broiled and topped with a lemon wine sauce -- a WINNER -- @ $14.95.

Yes, yes, there's Tuna @ $14.95/Snow Crabs @ $11.95/Stone Crabs (in season) @ Market Price/Mahi Mahi @ $10.95.

And Steak Lovers all devour the 14 oz. sirloin New York Strip @ $14.50.

Adventurous? Try the Jamaica Ribeye marinated in fresh juices and island spices @ $14.95.

Sandwich Platters are reasonable and quite satisfying like the Mahi Mahi BLT @ $6.95.

Pasta dishes are available in half orders and have some good fish combos.

The atmosphere and friendly staff are casual and upbeat (with a 2-7 P.M. Happy Hour)!

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