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Restaurant Name: PANINI CAFÉ

How Many Hearts?:

Address: Several Locations LA/Orange County

Phone Number: Check locations @

Type Of Food: Healthy Mediterranean Food

Hours: 7 Days/ Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
Description of Restaurant:

Comfortable space

Serving up fresh food @ reasonable prices

Grilled Panini Sandwiches (many varieties) are awesome W/ sundried tomatoes/ chicken Pesto/ Artichoke Hearts / Fontina and Pesto @ $11.95


Stuffed Bell Pepper (Vegetarian) @ $12.95 Served with choice of Salad

Mousaka- served with choice of salad $12.95

And my favorite:

Chicken shish kabob- served with salad $12.95

There are many other choices…

Desserts- My favorite:

Baklava with scoop of Ice Cream @ $7.95

Beer and Wine Served

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