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Restaurant Name: MISSION RANCH
How Many Hearts?:
Address: 26270 Dolores Street
Carmel, CA 93923
Phone Number: (851) 625-9040
Hours: Dinner (Monday-Saturday)
Brunch (Sunday)
Reservations: Not accepted except on Special Holidays
Description of Restaurant:

A most spectacular spot on the Monterey Peninsula, with views of meadows stretching south, joining wetlands and Carmel River Beach.

Walk into this cozy unpretentious spot and you pass the piano bar, which is very lively at night.

You may even luck into its owner Clint Eastwood (yes, that Clint Eastwood) playing a few songs on the piano.

The Food

Good American menu from a great Burger @ $10.65 to a New York Strip Steak @ $34.95 with the usual cast of characters in between.
If you are fortunate to be there on Sunday, the Mission Ranch has a jazz Sunday Brunch that is a tradition with the locals.
A Love Chef try!

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