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Restaurant Name: CHASE
How Many Hearts?:
Address: 1021 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone Number: (805) 965-4351
Type of Food : Italian
Hours: 7 days
Dress: Adult
Price Range: Dinner entrees $17.95-$29.95
(Includes soup or salad)
Reservations: Suggested
Description of Restaurant:

This local favorite since 1979 is attractive, attentive and the food is delicious. Great bar – beautiful people.

Some Dinner Entrees

Pork Chops served with pasta, baked potato or peppered white beans.

Piccata or Provincial:
Piccata – sauteed in lemon, wine and caper sauce
Provincial – sauteed in lemon, sherry and garlic sauce
Served with Fettuccine or Spaghetti.

Chicken/Halibut or Calamari Steak
Halibut or Calamari Steak

Lasagne alle tre Carni

Beef Pork and Veal:
Veal Valle de Ostra
Veal Cutlets, Italian ham, Mozzarella, breaded and grilled Served with penne carbonara

Mussels and Shrimp alla Diavola
Spicy Marinara Sauce Served over linguini pasta

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