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Fondues are fun and everyone likes the congeniality of dipping into the same pot. Don't worry if you have given away your fondue pot;  take out that old electric crockpot -- it works fine.  For a teenage party, make the fondue with cider; for adults, use white wine.

            1 clove garlic
            3 cups unsweetened apple cider or white wine
small onion, chopped
red bell pepper, chopped
            2 pounds Jarlsberg cheese, shredded
            6 tablespoons flour
            2 teaspoons dry mustard
            1 teaspoon white pepper
teaspoon nutmeg

For Dipping:

            French bread, cut into cubes, or raw vegetables
            Cooked turkey, cut into cubes
            Small sweet pickles
            Jarred cocktail onions

Serves approximately 10 to 12.

Rub the garlic around the inside of the fondue pot. Heat the cider or wine, and add the onion and red pepper.

Toss the cheese with the flour, then gradually drizzle it into the hot liquid. Stir until the cheese melts; mix in the mustard. The fondue is ready when it is smooth and thick. Season with pepper and nutmeg. Now spear your turkey, bread, or vegetables with long wooden cocktail picks or fondue forks, and have fun.


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