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Recipe for Success

It's easy to get excited and rush through a recipe, just to learn that you've forgotten an important ingredient! Don't let that happen to you! The following hints will help make your next dish a perfect one!

  • Be patient. Cooking takes time!

  • Be sure you have all the ingredients you need - and enough of each - BEFORE you begin to cook.

  • Ask permission from an adult to use the kitchen. Tell them what you want to do, and ask their help with cutting items or using heat-based appliances.

  • Read the recipe thoroughly and make sure you understand each part of it.

  • Don't allow small children to get in harm's way. Make sure the kitchen is safe for everyone by keeping toddlers in another room.

  • Weigh and measure each ingredient carefully.

  • Don't open and close the oven door to monitor your recipe. That will cause variations in temperature than can ruin the item.

  • Remember to have fun and thank the adults who helped you.

  • Share the delicious meal you've prepared!

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