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Career Choices

Your love of food and cooking may develop into a career you'll love, too! Just ask The Love Chef, whose passion for cooking remains strong after many years of teaching and cooking at home, on television and during special appearances.

Here is a list of food-related careers and what people with those jobs do:

Bakers may create basic baked goods, like breads, rolls and cookies. Some bakers specialize in wedding cakes or desserts.

A caterer provides foods for special events, usually with a lovely presentation. Large parties and weddings are typically catered. The catering team handles everything from the beverages to the entrees to the desserts.

He or she is the boss in the kitchen and oversees the work of others. The master chef, or executive chef, is the main decision-maker and may choose what foods are served and how they are prepared. Chefs have been educated at special schools and are well respected for their experience.

Chefs who love to teach may want this job, which is to educate would-be chefs on their techniques.

Food/Beverage Manager
These folks are responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly to serve guests at large places, like hotels, hospitals and schools.

Pastry Chef
Pastry chefs specialize in working with dough to create breads, buns, rolls, cakes and fancy desserts.

This person helps run the kitchen and assists with the cooking.


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