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Dear Fans:

Please e-mail your questions, thoughts, etc.

Unfortunately, due to volume of e-mail, personal replies are not always feasible, so we will try to answer as many as possible on this page.

Q:   I know last cruise we couldn't believe it. There you were. We got to see your show and then your lecture .....Wow !!! Thank you for the selfie and your autograph. The cruise line didn't advertise it. How can we know where and when you appear??
-- M/M , Caballero. Boston MA

A:   Thank you, thank you!! Schedule is posted at least 90 days prior on our website. Hope to see you again soon on another venue.
-- 'The Love Chef'

Q:   I recently saw you on CNN discussing the Mediterranean Diet. How can it be that one can eat this variety of food, drink wine and maintain a healthy weight profile?
-- Janice, Cincinnati, OH.

A:   Janice: If you visit these countries you will see the diversity of foods consumed including fresh fruits and veggies. Whereas, much of our food is refined, plus we end our meals on a daily basis with sweet baked goods instead of a bowl of luscious healthy variety of fruits (available all year long in America, shipped from various countries).

As you have read, and you can ask your health provider to confirm, the benefit of wine with meals all add up to a healthy lifestyle, and they are living examples of proper weight ratio.
-- 'The Love Chef'

   Dear Love Chef: I was on board The American Queen riverboat and caught your quite entertaining "Act" replete with humor, food and love. My husband, who didn't want to come to the show, still talks about it and some of the things you said. My question is, how can we know where you'll be performing?

A:   Thank you. Thank you - fans know that our website lists our schedule and all open to the public events; trips are usually listed in advance (along with special invited guest only performances).

:   Love Chef, we were at your sold out show in Florida and can't wait to see you again. How can we know about your appearances in advance?
John & Millie P., Sarasota, Florida.

A:   Dear M/M. P: Click on the Schedule link on our Home Page, which usually lists public appearances about 90 days in advance. Thanks for your support.
-- 'The Love Chef'

Q:   Love Chef, I've noticed you've lost weight -- your secret, please, please!!
-- Joan G., Chicago, Illinois.

A:   Dear Joan: Lifestyle changes -- all of which I talk about in my new book "Low-Carb Italian Recipes". M. Evan/Publisher. Thanks for noticing.
-- 'The Love Chef'

Q:   Love Chef: For the last several months, every recipe I follow that requires oven cooking comes out undercooked -- any suggestions?
-- J.J., Los Angeles, California.

A:   J.J.: Check the integrity of your oven thermostat -- this can be done with the help of inserting an oven thermometer.

Q:   Dear Love Chef: The chili recipe you made on Regis & Kelly introduced me to the world of using chocolate in sausages, and my family keeps complimenting me. Several years ago, the easy tips on glazed ham made me the family's official Christmas ham maker. Thank you for all the tips and laughs.
-- Mary G., Trenton, New Jersey.

A:   Mary G.: Thank you, and thank you for your Christmas cards throughout the years!

Q:   Dear Love Chef: I always use jarred minced garlic in recipes when it calls for minced fresh garlic -- is this OK?
-- Janet T., Louisville, Kentucky.

A:   Dear Janet: There is a tremendous difference in using garlic that's fresh (not old). The results are noticeable.

Q:   Dear Love Chef: Why does brown rice, my preference, take so long to cook?
-- Dave V., Toronto, Canada.

A:   Dave: this rice is hulled with bran intact, which is a barrier to water, thus the longer cooking time. The bran also gives it its nutty taste and additional vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Q:   Dear Love Chef: I hear it so often for desserts -- what is Ganache?
-- Jane E., Indianapolis, Indiana.

A:   Dear Jane: You've probably eaten it many times. A soft paste of chocolate and cream, sometimes with other flavoring added.

Q:   Dear Love Chef: Is it true that cooked tomatoes are healthier raw??
-- Vilma Z., Kansas City, Kansas.

A:   Vilma: Lycopene, found in tomatoes, a great antioxidant, when cooked raise the lycopene levels of both the blood and immune cells, and cooking them in olive oil (a monounsaturated fat), gives you an additional boost. Hence the Mediterranean Diet.

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